The information will be automatically and manually
compiled from scientific, philosophical and artistic sources. will be complemented with online and offline activities.

The archive will be open source and planned launch date is in 2019.

  • The problem
  • The solution
  • Actual state
  • Architecture

© HerigageAuctions/BNPS, Drawing by Henrique Alvim Corrêa (1903)


Information about Mars is spread all over the internet. The information comes from many different sources and it is sometimes difficult to find a sequence. Once you read it, the information gets lost in the web. If only a few people are deciding the nature of the contents of a webpage, that webpage will be subjective.


To create an open source, collaborative website that brings together a diverse and multidisciplinary kaleidoscope of information, in the dimensions of the real and the imaginary. On the other hand, will organize online and offline events like edit-athons, lectures, exhibitions, meetups, that will both nourish the archive and promote the information stored on the site.

Actual State

We are recruiting financial and professional support for supporting the first stage. If you want to participate or help, please write to us at the addresses included at the bottom of the page.


We plan to build a web application capable of collecting different feeds of information in real time, as well as mechanisms for tagging and adding information by the users/authors. The application must have an artistic and powerful interface regarding user experience and information architecture.


Please write to us at